Data Insights

Our data is collected from hundreds of sources and our members and customers supplement this with their own proprietary information.

Sources of REG data include public registries, regulator registers, sanctions and PEPs lists as well as commercial risk information from credit scoring agencies and adverse media data from thousands of internet sources.

From country to country data sources change, but information is seamlessly collated by our software giving our customers a frictionless experience in analysing and managing their risks.

Data Insights

The value potential of data and its power lies in creating actionable insight and applying this to transform your organisation

Our aim is to empower our customers to make informed decisions to drive their business forward, improve efficiency and increase profits. We can connect you to your insights in a variety of ways…

The REG Network

Our software as a service platform provides all the tools our customers need to manage their counterparty due diligence data. Accessible from any internet enabled device and requiring no installation, our customers are not limited by numbers of users or amounts of data, meaning they can quickly and affordably utlise REG organisation wide.

Scheduled Reporting

Receive scheduled exports of comprehensive data files, customised to your requirements. Choosing from thousands of data points, your export can be built to ensure you only get (and pay for) what you really need.


A custom API allows you to integrate hundreds of data fields with your organisation’s other software services. Enriching your data with real-time REG information will drive automation, speed and accuracy in your CRM and Policy Administration systems.

Availability of data is not an issue. It’s how we can use information within that data and make good business decisions from it. REG provides the right structure to bring data in and present it in a way that you can understand and trust.

Bringing Data to Life

Spreadsheets just weren’t designed to do the heavy lifting that is modern data aggregation, analysis and reporting.

Serving data in comprehensible customisable rich visualisations is the most effective way of passing and sharing information, because the human mind processes things in images.

Let’s talk about how we can bring your data to life.