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During a conversation with my teenage daughters last week, one of them casually dropped in the line “well Dad, nothing changes, if nothing changes”. As simple as this quote is, it literally stopped me in my tracks. Not just for its simplicity, but once she’d told me the Netflix series she’d been watching where the line from a song had originated, it started a whole new debate!

Before you knew it, I’d been in the loft and had laid out in front of them Dad’s ‘proof of life’ …..what is left of my vinyl record collection, my cassette recorder and few surviving tapes (which amazingly still worked), mini disc player and the remainder of my CD collection. Now it was their turn to listen to me in total disbelief after I’d told them the effort that we’d all go to, to stay ahead of the latest tunes. Remember recording on a Sunday evening, whilst the equivalent of the Chart Show was on the radio (trying to guess when the DJ was going to cut in so you could quickly hit the pause button!).

We then moved on to a box of old mobile phones; an early Nokia (we all still talk about the amazing battery life), Sony Ericsson (with stylus) and a Blackberry (which at the time felt like a real godsend). It didn’t feel that long ago that as a new, fresh faced Sales Inspector I had to take out with me a collection of 10 pence coins, so I could make a quick call from a phone box to check in with the office.

Fast forward a couple of decades and the expectations of our internet enabled devices far exceed our imaginations from when we were all playing Snake on a 1-inch screen. Instant music on tap, free of charge, and without a bus ride in sight.

When comparing myself to my daughters and their generation I’d probably consider myself a technophobe, but actually…. I’m not. Looking back at my ‘yesteryears’ collection of ‘stuff’ it’s made me realise that over the years I’ve embraced technology enormously with most of the latest gadgets and devices that are around.  I can pretty much hold my own around the workplace too when it comes to software and automated processes.

For someone who has worked in the Insurance industry most of my life, I think we sometimes get a bad rap. We do embrace new technologies, sometimes not as quickly as other industries, but we do get there eventually, on most things.

We can pretty much do most things instantly now from any device, quickly and safely. I’m very excited (more than my daughters) about what the future looks like and where it will take us. It will be interesting to see what ‘stuff’ they are showing their children.

Oh, how they laughed when I told them that “I’m proud to be on the cloud”.

Nothing changes, if nothings changes, apart from the Netflix parental guidance settings….

Ady Hall
Ady Hall
Ady Hall is the Sales Director at REG Technologies. A seasoned people manager with over 30 years insurance experience. Ady is passionate about coaching his teams to innovate with REG’s customers and deliver smart, simple solutions that will protect and connect them quickly and safely.
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