How SaaS has changed buying software

Firstly, what is Saas? Software as a service (SaaS) is a software delivery model in which a third-party provider hosts an application, or sometimes even a series of them, and makes them available to customers over the Internet. SaaS is the main generator of cloud computing, and all you really need… is Wi-Fi.

The ability to offer and access cloud based solutions is crucial during the current climate. The SaaS market has allowed companies, such as REG and the customers it serves, to continue operating seamlessly throughout these unprecedented times. The reality is, this awful pandemic has highlighted the importance of cloud computing and allowed many businesses to stay afloat and power on, no matter what is thrown at them. We can work smarter and faster, save and share our data securely, and most importantly, operate from anywhere; our own homes included!

So how has SaaS changed buying software? With a SaaS platform hosting a solution for hundreds of customers, it has a better ability to help each of those customers understand how to best utilise the software, as well as offering a broader vision of the entire market. SaaS can enable a client to investigate the process, see the results, and how they are already being achieved by other users.

When buying a SaaS product, you will be provided with a subscription agreement to the software platform which is most commonly licensed on an annual basis and is centrally hosted. This rules out customers having to buy a software and install it onto multiple servers and computers. To support scalability, applications can be accessed by any user determined by the customer, regardless of hardware set up and geographical location, a huge contrast to traditional software.

With SaaS, you can have full access to the software’s features whenever, and wherever, you want it. Since SaaS providers are the ones maintaining the software, users don’t have to worry about keeping their applications up to date; saving time, resources and money. Cloud computing offers seamless communication, connecting all users all the time, which is exactly what the world needs in a time of social distancing and smart working.

Ellie Davison
Ellie Davison
Ellie Davison is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at REG Technologies. An approachable and reliable Marketing & PR Specialist; ensuring client retention, satisfaction and growth through all channels
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