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My daily catch up conversations with my Dad usually jump around from anything about the weather (obligatory), the pesky squirrels in his garden, football, grandchildren and sometimes a step back in time to a topic, which always staggers me how a man who’s 86 years old remembers as if it happened only yesterday.

The latest flashback being, how there were several TV or Radio programmes, that brought us all together as a family, and as a nation we also had a shared moment in time. You will all have a programme in your mind, and in my home, other than Morecombe and Wise and Match of the Day, as we got older it was watching the news together. Partly to open our eyes to the big, wide world and partly to have an appreciation as to what is going on out there.

This really got me thinking about how we all disseminate the news now and the stories I may share with my grandchildren.

Our news used to be delivered from a handful of what we considered to be reliable sources, from a limited number of TV channels or Radio stations, and they weren’t playing ‘beat the clock’ against a smart phone. Today there are so many more outlets for us to get our news from, anytime, anyplace.

We might have all processed the news differently, but it was considered to be credible. Is this now still the case? I don’t think it is. The term ‘fake news’ is built into our everyday consciousness with social media filters and website fact checkers now accepted and expected.

Internet enabled devices make it possible for us all to have the ability to publish content, some with a huge global outreach, thus making our world smaller to a certain extent. Also, during recent times, we may have found ourselves with more time on our hands to read the content with less opportunities to debate it during our daily commute, over a coffee, or in the pub.

I was asked the question last week ‘what was the first application I open when I fire up my laptop in the morning’?  E-mail is a given, then I have a number open throughout the day which I dip into. My search engine of choice, LinkedIn, BBC News, CRM, plus I want to keep ahead with what’s happening within the Insurance market to name a few.

All of them provide different insights but don’t necessarily all tie in together to really help me make informed decisions, alert me of any potential issues or spot true development opportunities.

This led to another discussion. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one single outlet, summarising the top events of the day, relative to your world, that are researched, factual and you decide what to do next with it? Does there need to be commentary or panel discussions with opinions?

You decide if it’s relevant and move quickly if it is.

I think there is a space for such an outlet. It would definitely help me.

How about you?

Ady Hall
Ady Hall
Ady Hall is the Sales Director at REG Technologies. A seasoned people manager with over 30 years insurance experience. Ady is passionate about coaching his teams to innovate with REG’s customers and deliver smart, simple solutions that will protect and connect them quickly and safely.
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