The Calm Before Another Storm – What Insurers Are Saying

Thousands of homes across the United Kingdom were left without power after Storm Eunice pounded the country on Friday 18th February 2022, causing widespread disruption and devastation, and according to BBC news, claimed at least three lives in the UK, and 16 across Europe, not to mention the scary number of injuries caused. Homes and businesses were flooded, and some roads remain underwater.  

The ferocious storm brought winds of up to 122 miles per hour to the UK, knocking down power lines, and prompting authorities to close schools, cancel flights, and issue red alert stay-at-home warnings. We saw significant damage to properties as roofs were torn off and trees uprooted during the high winds, causing crashes on our roads.  

According to Insurance Business UK, Insurance companies predict the cost of clean-up to reach hundreds of millions of pounds. But is this this last of it? We don’t believe so. More weather disturbances look to be due in the days ahead which could obstruct recovery efforts that have been made.  

Among the chaos, several major home and property insurers have given assurances that they are doing their best to address the needs of their customers. “The recent storms have caused significant destruction across the UK, undoubtedly leading to a lot of distress for those affected,” said Suzy Tiffany, home claims director at RSA Insurance. “Insurers across the market will be working hard to process claims and put extra resources in place ahead of the storms in anticipation of increased demand.” 

According to the London-headquartered insurance company; Giant, it received a surge in claims in the first few hours of Storm Eunice alone. The Association of British Insurers (ABI), meanwhile, said while it was too early to provide an estimate as insurers will be focusing on assessing damage and helping their customers, previous similar storms have caused in the industry around £360 million in losses. 

I would like to offer a few suggestions on how to remain safe now the storms seem to be slowing down: 

  • Be careful not to touch any electrical cables that have been blown down or are still exposed 
  • Do not go outside to repair damage whilst there are still strong winds and rain 
  • Take care when driving on exposed routes such as bridges, or high open roads, delay your journey or find alternative routes if possible 
  • Slow down whilst travelling and be aware of side winds 
  • Do not walk too close to walls, buildings, and trees as they could have been weakened 
  • Make sure that any vulnerable neighbours or relatives are safe and help them plan for any repairs 


From REG Technologies, we hope you weren’t too badly impacted by the storms, and please stay safe.  

Ellie Davison
Ellie Davison
Ellie Davison is the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at REG Technologies. An approachable and reliable Marketing & PR Specialist; ensuring client retention, satisfaction and growth through all channels
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