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We will make every regulated market a Faster, Smarter and Safer place to trade.

Philosophy and Vision

We believe that B2B trade should not be slowed and frustrated by regulatory, legal and bureaucratic processes that lead decisions that are counter-productive to growth and success.
One day every business will be connected to a Faster, Smarter and Safer trade ecosystem powered by REG Technologies.

About Us

How it Started

When UK general insurance became the subject of statutory regulation, hundreds of years of business practices were forced to upgrade. The insurance market was founded on ‘utmost good faith’ and written agency agreements were rare. The Financial Services Authority (now the FCA) mandated the implementation of written Terms of Business Agreements between insurance businesses seeking to trade together. Furthermore, a duty of care was placed on the parties to assess the efficacy of each other. In a heavily paper based world, REG was born, serving the needs of Insurers looking to trade with brokers in the UK.

About Us

The Journey

In the years that followed, regulated financial services businesses have experienced a significant increase in both regulatory and financial crime burdens. Following the global financial crisis of 2008, there has been a worldwide effort to enhance financial regulations to prevent a similar event from happening again. Consequently, regulatory bodies have imposed more stringent regulations on financial services firms to promote transparency, accountability, and stability in the financial system.

As a result, financial services businesses have had to increase their oversight efforts, and the associated costs have risen considerably. The regulatory compliance burden has increased, particularly in areas such as anti-money laundering (AML), counter-terrorist financing (CTF), and sanctions compliance. Consequently B2B trade has slowed, and opportunities are missed, simply because of the burden of doing things right.

As the challenges have become more sophisticated and complex over the years, with cybercrime, fraud, and corruption becoming more prevalent, REG has evolved its solution to meet the ongoing needs of B2B traders in regulated markets, developing the REG Network, a powerful tool for companies to manage regulatory complexity and mitigate risks, while also improving their overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

About Us

What's in a Name?

REG was originally conceived as an acronym, with R.E.G. standing for ‘Regulatory Efficiency Gains’. As we grew traction in the insurance market we became known simply as REG and as the word RegTech became more commonplace we became REG Technologies.

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There’s no hiding it – we are a technology business! However we understand that it’s great people that make great businesses which is why we have such a strong focus on customer success. We want each of our customers to quickly realise an excellent return on investment after choosing REG and we make sure our people are by their side to make this happen. Through personalised onboarding, account management, support, training and regular check-ins we retain a loyal customer base. One way we measure customer sentiment is through NPS scoring.

Our customers gave us an NPS score of 55 (Great).

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