MGAA Webinar: How MGAs Can Supercharge The Agency Experience

6th June 2023

First Impressions Count! How MGAs Can Supercharge The Agency Experience

It’s nearly 20 years since statutory regulation of general insurance placed the acronym TOBA into everyday insurance talk. Agency application processes have developed little in that time, with brokers still reporting that their onboarding journeys with suppliers are slow, repetitive and leave business opportunities missed. Many MGAs limit the number of brokers they trade with, simply because of the drama associated with opening an agency! With online bank account opening, mobile onboarding, e-signatures, and pre-filled forms we ask… How can MGAs use tech to rapidly find, engage, sign and trade with new producers in an on demand, global, digital marketplace?

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

• List time to market challenges and outline where MGAs can get an edge
• Describe current practices and explain how they can change
• Summarise how data and technology can transform the experience
• Outline a ‘customer first’ model and process that is fast, effective and compliant.

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