Thank you and Good Luck to our Marketing Interns

Julia Palos:

If you had told me at the start of my university experience that I’d be working for an insurance software company in my third year, I’d have thought it would have never been possible! I am so grateful of REG Technologies’ partnership with Nottingham Trent University, that allows students to undertake their placement year at the company, otherwise I may not be where I am today.

Accepting the role of Marketing Intern at REG was the best decision I have ever made, and indulging myself into an industry of which I had no prior knowledge of has turned out to be the most educational and insightful year of my life. No amount of studying or writing essays could prepare an undergraduate for a role like this. To be seen as an equal within a company, with the most amazing view of the gherkin on Lime Street, truly does make the previous 2 years of university life throughout the period of COVID-19 well worth it! 

Though partially intimidated to be joining a continuously expanding software business, operating in the global insurance market, I soon realised just how much freedom I’d be given to initiate my own thoughts and ideas. Throughout my time at REG I have expanded and developed many skills and learnt how to navigate around platforms I never even heard about before. Within this includes; Pardot, Salesforce, LinkedIn Ad Campaign Manager, Google Analytics and Adobe Creative Cloud. These programmes have all allowed me to further develop my marketing skills, whether this be through email, digital, paid ads or social media marketing.

A significant achievement of mine was writing my first whitepaper on the FCA’s crackdown on Principal Firms’ oversight of their Appointed Representatives, which required extensive research into the industry. This enabled me to expand my knowledge of the industry and after completed, I felt very fulfilled of my achievements. From the networking and social events to the monthly REG Reviews, I have really enjoyed every day working at REG Technologies and the opportunities it has opened up for me. 

Furthermore, REG’s Hybrid-Working Policy has provided a great work-life balance throughout the year. The flexibility has allowed me to experience the working life in the city, whilst still being able to maintain a healthy life-balance from working from home. 

Moving forwards, only time will tell what the future holds, however, one thing is for sure, REG Technologies has made me want to continue developing my professional competencies in the business world. So I’d like to thank everyone in the company for their support, guidance and the time spent together throughout the past 12 months. I will miss you all greatly!

Ellie Moeran:

I honestly couldn’t have said it better myself. But I’ll give it my best, which has very much been my motto this past year. Going from university during the pandemic, stuck in a 4 X 4 room completing lectures and exams online, to Lime Street is quite the change, but for the best reasons! 

Whether you are reading this as a student wanting to do a placement year, or an employer thinking, should I hire an intern? I say DO IT, for 3 reasons.:

1. Hiring young people can benefit everyone 

For me, my placement year gave me the opportunity to apply theory to practice and network with a range of amazing people, which I could not have experienced and accomplished otherwise. For businesses, fresh faces bring fresh ideas. For example, my commitment to the REG Reviews, which continues to be one of our most popular pages on the REG website. Also, despite a multitude of skills and experience, the REG Team learn from one another and work together without judgement. 

2. The future becomes a better place 

A great example is our own Marketing Manager, Zoe Parsons, who previously worked as a Marketing Intern at REG during her placement year. After achieving a well-deserved First Class Honours in her degree, she has re-joined the REG Team as Marketing Manager. In 2021, surprisingly, less than half of UK graduates were in full-time employment 15 months after finishing their courses. Placement years bring graduates closer to achieving a full-time job after university. For businesses, re hiring someone you know and trust makes hiring just that little bit easier. 

3. Do it for the industry 

Whether it’s undergraduates or graduates, hiring young people brings diversity and talent to the insurance industry. Or any industry for that matter. You never know what innovative ideas new faces will bring! 

Finally, I hope REG has benefited as much as I have from the past year. From my first interview in 2021 during the pandemic, to speaking on the panel at REG’s Young People in Insurance Networking Event in my last month in 2022, I have thoroughly enjoyed everything my placement year at REG Technologies has thrown at me. Thank you one last time to CEO, Paul Tasker, for one of the best opportunities and experiences I could have hoped for, and to all of the REG Team who have made this experience as fantastic as it was. It’s been one hell of a ride! 

REG Technologies
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